Agrivita Canada Inc.

"Canada's national not-for-profit corporation promoting health and safety research and its effective application to the agricultural sector".

UPDATE: Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) the National Summit 2020 will be postponed to June of 2021. 

National Summit 2020: Driving Safety & Productivity in Canadian Agriculture with Forum on Mental Health in Agriculture

Our Mission

To promote health and safety research and its effective transfer to the agricultural and rural sectors, working towards the development of an informed Canadian public policy.

Agrivita Canada Inc., is committed to ensuring that farmers and agricultural workers have a standard of occupational health and safety equivalent to other industries, that the health of agricultural employees and neighbors is protected and that there is a positive relationship between agriculture and public health.

As a step in reaching this mission, Agrivita Canada has developed the Canadian AgriSafety Applied Research Program. This program provides support for applied research projects aimed at addressing gaps in research-to-practice knowledge in order to explore solutions to important health and safety issues in priority areas of the field of agriculture. The first projects supported under this program are the Low-Cost Roll Over Protective Structures Intervention Project and two Animal Housing Environments Projects: Air quality in Canadian pig buildings and Reducing Pathogen Distribution from Animal Transport. Read more about the AgriSafety Program and its current projects.